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About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Alyssa! I am a daughter, sister, dog mother, and a lover of people, nature, adventure, and life in general! I get really excited about the beauty in the little things: glittering dewdrops sitting on blades of grass, the way the sun glistens through the trees during golden hour, the simple act of running barefoot through a field and breathing in fresh mountain air. And I love the fact that photography allows me to capture all of these.

For as long as I can remember, photography has been an integral part of my life. Growing up traveling with my family in Central America, I remember how taking photos helped me share my experiences with friends back home in ways that words could not. Then, during college photography became a creative/meditative outlet for me to intentionally reflect on the beauty around me in everyday life.  As photography evolved into a job over the last 5 years, I have combined my love for capturing the beauty of the mundane with powerful story-telling. Whether it is the moment you say ‘I do’ or the smallest moments that make life worth living, I am deeply passionate about capturing and honoring the stories that matter.

My approach to photography is what I call artistic documentary. When we work together, I want you to feel like my photos capture the authentic YOU, drawing out the beauty in the little details that define who you are.  My work also focuses on connection - with each other, with nature, and with the places that mean the most to you.  For me, photography is not only about creating beautiful story-telling art but also about building relationships; one of my favorite things is coming away from each session inspired by your love, personality, and your own story. I try to keep sessions light-hearted and fun, and I often leave with my belly aching from laughter! When a relationship that started with a photo session turns into a friendship, I feel like I have been successful at my job.

I can't wait to meet you!

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